Warner Brothers Giving Wonder Woman Another Shot...on the Big Screen!

[Digitalspy.com] Yesterday, Warner Brother hired screenwriter Will Beall as the leader writer for a new Justice League movie.  Now, another big bomb: Warner Brothers is giving Wonder Woman another shot...on the Big Screen!

Wonder Woman on the big screen?!
This honestly surprised me, but after reading headline after headline about this, I could not believe it.  Warner Brothers' hired screenwriter Michael Goldenberg to pen the script.

Michael Goldenberg
 His credits include 1997's 'Contact,' Peter Pan in 2003 (which was very good if you haven't seen it), Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and both Green Lantern movies.

Now, back to why this headline surprised me: David E. Kelley's failed Wonder Woman pilot.

Kelley's Wonder Woman script was not good.  It was the most hyped up pilot of the 2011 fall season, but as soon as the script was leaked and fans got their first glimpse of the costume that Adrianne Palicki never really wore in the pilot itself, it was still doomed to fail.

So, you can understand why this movie is big news and the fact that Warner Brothers is willing to give our gal a second chance after all that bad drama last year says a lot.

Wonder Woman is notable not just for being the single most famous female superhero in existence, but for being one of the most recognizable superheroes of all time, period. It’s surprising that no one’s managed to figure out how to get her her own movie or TV series yet, but I’m glad to see Warner Bros. is going to keep trying rather than let a property that juicy go to waste. Now we just have to keep our fingers crossed that he’ll have better luck grappling with the character than the last several people did…
-- slashfilm

Let's hope Goldenberg gets it right and Wonder Woman make a BIG comeback!