Warner Bros. Developing Wonder Woman Before ‘JLA' and the Chris Nolan Factor

[Screencrave.com] As I suspected, we will most likely get a Wonder Woman movie and other character origin story stand-alone movies before we get a 'Justice League' movie, following Marvel's film 'Avengers' franchise formula.

DC's Justice League
...which makes sense.

The question is, which movie will come first in the series? Warner Brothers' is willing to give Wonder Woman another shot, but they also have plans for The Flash, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Lobo, Suicide Squad, and Shazam.

And if Warner Brother's follows Marvel's film formula, Wonder Woman fans may have to wait a long to see her.  After all, there was a four year between the first Marvel movie leading up to the Avengers.  Wonder Woman could be first in line, she could be in the middle or the last movie before a Justice League movie.

Left: Director, Christopher Nolan; Right: Justice League
[WhatCulture.com] In other news, Variety hinted that Christopher Nolan maybe approached with the job of spearheading the movies.

Nolan and his wife/producer Emma Thomas will act as executive producers to the rebooting of Batman that will come after this summer’s spectacular.

None of this means of course that Chris Nolan is directing “Justice League” or will have as much creative decision making as Joss Whedon on “The Avengers” but it does indicate he will have HUGE involvement and that will no doubt please fans who might be concerned over DC’s approach with this, considering their recent films made without Nolan’s involvement.

Either way, the situation is expected to be clearer after “The Dark Knight Rises” has left theaters;

Warner Bros. isn’t expected to make any concrete moves on the DC film front until after the third Batpic opens on July 20.