Warner Brothers Hires New Screenwriter for a Potential JLA Movie

After the box office success of Joss Whedon's 'The Avengers' - I wondered how long it would take for Warner Brothers' to make a Justice League movie. DC fans need not worry any longer as DC has hired a new screenwriter: Will Beall.

Will Beall, New Lead Screenwriter for JLA movie
According to Variety:
Warners originally tried to mount a "Justice League" movie several years ago, with George Miller directing from a script by Kieran and Michele Mulroney. That iteration was set to star Adam Brody as the Flash, Megan Gale as Wonder Woman and then-newcomer Armie Hammer as Batman. Back in January 2008, the studio cited a lack of tax breaks as the main reason it pulled the plug on the project, which also needed a rewrite that wasn't possible because of the writers' strike.

If you look at the cast list for that 'JLA' movie, you'd thank the heavens it didn't go forward.  Imagine the actor behind the Winklevie brothers in The Social Network as Batman, and the geeky kid from 'The O.C' as the Flash and some random hot babe as Wonder Woman? Die-hard Christopher Nolan fans probably cannot picture anyone else in the role of the Dark Knight except Christian Bale.  

Whether Bale will actually be available for this movie is still up in the air, or if the movie itself will include all famous JLA members is still a mystery.  But if Warner Brothers' is serious about this (and it seems they are this time), we could see Wonder Woman on the big screen. If the movie is a success, maybe we will see spin-off movies...Who knows? Maybe if Wonder Woman is a hit she'll get her own movie.

Beal's writing credits include 32 episodes of ABC's 'Castle,'the 5th Legal Weapon movie, Logan's Run (Look Nicolas Winding Refn-Wonder Woman connection!) and Gangster Land which is due for release in September.