Wonder Woman Joins In the Fight Against Famine!

[mashable.com] I love these charity stories.  My favorite blog post from last year, Wonder Woman Checks for Breast Cancer featured an amazing campaign from the African nation of Mozambique. Female DC icons, such as Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Catwoman checked themselves for lumps, showcasing the importance of breast cancer awareness.

Now, DC Entertainment, Time Warner and three key NGOs to provide food and nourishment to those in need. And this time, the campaign features Wonder Woman along side her male counterparts, fighting against hunger which is still a major epidemic in 3rd world countries, such as Africa which is the focus of the campaign.

The campaign, titled We Can Be Heroes, on Monday announced that they will donate up to $2 million over two years to three organizations working to stop the famine: MercyCorps, Save the Children and the the International Rescue Committee.

We Can Be Heroes uses the DC Comics line of superheroes — including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash and the Green Lantern — to help raise awareness (and money) for a good cause. DC has promised to match any and all donations made through WeCanBeHeroes.org up to $1 million.
There is also an online where you can purchase clothing or accessories with 50% of the profits going to the three charities.

The whole campaign centers around the idea of “heroes” and how anyone (not just a superbeing born on Krypton) can change the world. The campaign’s tagline — “One small act can make you a hero” — extends not just to the everyday people but to the African’s suffering on the ground, said George Rupp, International Rescue Committee’s president and CEO.