Entertainment Weekly Reviews Harry's Law episode, "Gorilla My Dreams"

Entertainment Weekly reviewed Erica Durance's episode of Harry's Law, "Gorilla My Dreams." EW is known to be very critical (& sometimes downright nasty about some shows).

From the review, it sounds like the episode was a mix of comedy and drama (drama on Erica's storyline but comedy with Kathy Bates, who tries to defend ape's rights).

Here's a snippet about the plot:

In a gravely downbeat plot line, Durance played Annie, a woman who’d been repeatedly raped by her husband and found emotional release by dressing as Wonder Woman, going out and attacking other abusive men, for which she was arrested. She was defended in court by Nate Corddry’s Adam, and there was a lot of witness babble about Annie’s “complicated dissociative state” and such. There wasn’t a second of humor here; why, when the expert psychiatrist (the fine Robert Picardo) said that Annie, when in costume, “goes on auto-pilot,” no one even made a joke about Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane.
EW cites it was too bad Durance didn't get the chance to stand toe-to-toe against Kathy Bates, who is the star of Kelley's court drama but is also reminded about why we must be thankful that we never got to see Kelley's version of Wonder Woman.