New Wonder Woman "It" Girl

[] Sorry Christina Hendricks but there is a new fandom favorite to play Wonder Woman in a live action movie.  Former MMA fighter turned action star, Gina Carano, is the 'new' face of Wonder Woman.

Gina Carano
Steve 'Frosty' Weintraub from interviewed the actress. Here are some bullet points from the video.

  • How long before they call her to be Wonder Woman
  • Was she a fan of Wonder Woman growing up
  • How did she get involved in Haywire
  • What was the hardest stunt and what made her the most nervous
  • Deleted scenes talk
 Just take a look at the video interview below.  (Warning for some language).

I know there are different fandom favorites for Wonder Woman. When David E. Kelly was searching for his Wonder Woman, fans were hoping Legend of the Seeker actress, Bridget Reagan would get the part.  But I don't know, this new chick seems to fit the part...of "Wonder Woman" because she's familiar with stunts but is she a good fit for Diana Prince?