Wonder Woman! The Untold Story of American Superheroines

[Huffington Post] Two female film makers examine female heroines from fiction and in real-life in a new documentary 'Wonder Women! The Untold Story Of American Superheroines'.

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman
The film will dissect the image of the super heroine and explore how representations of powerful women often reflect anxieties about women's liberation. It will feature a variety of world-class heroines including activists Gloria Steinem and Shelby Knox, actresses Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman) and Lindsay Wagner (The Bionic Woman), and punk rock star Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill and Le Tigre) and many many more.
The filmmakers  But Kristy Guevara-Flanagan and Kelcey Edwards were interviewed by The Huffington Post about the film. Here is an excerpt:

I'm curious what you think about Wonder Woman's outfit. Hot? Objectifying? Thoughts?
Kristy: Ha! It's pretty ridiculous! It just seems like a hard outfit to kick ass in!

But so patriotic!

Kristy: But she has gone through a lot of outfit changes in the comic book form. Now she is wearing pants!

I had no idea.

What do you want to bring to the women who see the film?

Kristy: We can actually remind younger audiences of the role of the women's movement in our lives and the images we see.

Kelcey: I agree, it's like we are now able to look back through this critical lens that has become very refined and very well articulated, and look back at the trajectory of our pop-culture heritage to get a much better sense of where we are now, and how we got here.

Kristy: I love the idea of looking at something really populist like comic books and action movies to see what they saw about our society and values.
Wonder Women!' will premiere at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas this March.