Lynda Carter Disappointed 'Wonder Woman' Reboot Didn't Happen

Zap2it recently caught up with the original Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter, to ask her how she felt about the reboot not happening.

Lynda Carter

Carter says:

"I was really happy they were going to re-do it because the story is a great story and it needs to be re-told and go to another generation of people," she says. "I was really disappointed it didn't work out."

You see the original video interview below.Carter was in LA to promote her new album, "Crazy Little Things" on KTLA News Morning Show.

Carter further reveals she was already making plans for a guest appearance:

"I was on the road at the time of shooting (the pilot). I couldn't get there. The schedules didn't line up. But I fully expected it to be picked up, and then mostly likely I would have done something."
How awesome the pilot would have been if Carter was going to make an appearance.  Finally, she admits that she was stunned by the announcement the pilot would not be picked up for a full season and hopes executives will reverse their decision. 

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