DC Comics Resets Itself

[NY Daily News] If you're an avid DC Comics reader and follow the many alternate universes, love them or hate them, DC is doing something totally unexpected that will fix the craziness of it all: its starting over.

Yesterday, DC Comics officially announced that they will will reset the numbers of all its comic titles back to #1 later this summer.

I never read the Action Comics but I still own some from the 70s but if I ever wanted to own an original Wonder Woman again (yes, I did once a long time but stupidly threw it away because the binding was crap and the whole comic book was basically falling apart), I could.

The goal of the reboot is to make the DC universe easier to understand and in addition include new writer-artist teams for about three-quarters of the books. Rebooting individual titles has been done many a lot over the years, but this is the first time a publisher's entire line of books has undergone an entire series reboot.

How does this relate to Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman issue No. 600 saw her first major costume change in decades that saw mostly a divided, mixed reaction among fans. Come September 2011,  Wonder Woman will reboot with issue No. 1 (and hopefully, return to her traditional costume and we won't see the hooker outfit ever again!)