Exclusive: ifanboy.com Wonder Woman Pilot Review with Screencaps!!!

It was going to happen. A Wonder Woman pilot review with leaked screencaps from the pilot, written by David E. Kelley, provided by ifanboy.com. A lot of what's reviewed in the pilot, is stuff we already knew about.

From the ifanboy.com review, we learn that some details from the original script have either been changed or removed from the final script. For example, the reason why we don't see Myndi Mayer in the pilot is because her character was merged with Etta Candy, who is Diana's personal assistant.

Wonder Woman's CSI team aka The Animals, are no where to be found in the final script. And interestingly enough, Themyscira, Wonder Woman's home is not present at all.  The apparent spoiler flashbacks where Steve Trevor crash lands on the island and Diana falls in love with him, are not in the pilot.

Adrianne Palicki is a revelation as Wonder Woman, but Cary Elwes, was over the top goofy.

As Steve Trevor, Justin Bruening was a bit of a mannequin. A very handsome mannequin, sure, but he didn't exactly exude a ton of charm.

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