IGN Offers Six Tips for Wonder Woman Re-Tooling

Disclaimer: Yes, I am jet-lagged and woke up at 4:30 am which I assume is Germany or Italy time, thus the reason for back-to-back posts.

While I was away on vacation and heard about the news NBC was NOT picking up Wonder Woman (I nearly gave my friends a heart-attack, screaming a plethora of cuss words at NBC), IGN came out with a list of how to properly translate Wonder Woman from page to live action TV/ or movie format.

At the top of the list, is of course the costume.

Let's face it. I don't think's there was a fan who was wildly crazy about Wonder Woman's modern update last year. Why does she need to wear jeans, a choker and a jean jacket? Given, Lynda Carter's spandex outfit would not fly on modern television but anyone who tackles a Wonder Woman pilot again, NEEDS to be faithful to the original costume.  Because that is the costume most Wonder Woman fans identity with and love.

You get the costume right and don't go crazy with it, fans will love you. (See my previous post regarding the latest classic costume re-vamp).

If TV exec's are serious about doing a live action Wonder Woman, or movie, it needs a decent budget.  Comic Book movies rely on extensive film effects to make heroes a reality, TV is no different.

Stop Trying to Smallville-ify the DCU.
Wonder Woman is not Smallville and will probably never be even close to replacing it.  Wonder Woman is a separate entity from Smallville and should be treated as such.

But trying to recast Wonder Woman as a business executive/superhero just doesn't cut it. The character deserves a more straightforward storytelling approach. 
Serialized conflicts. 
In order for Wonder Woman to survive on TV, its storytelling needs to be more serialized. This worked perfectly on Smallville with characters and plots developing over seasons. The same could work for Wonder Woman.

To read more of IGN's list, go here.