WBTV Exec Peter Roth Admits Wonder Woman Doesn't Fit on NBC

The Hollywood Reporter recently sat down with WBTV's chief executive Peter Roth  and asked him about Wonder Woman missing from next season's schedule.

THR: You had the most talked about pilot of the season in "Wonder Woman." How does it feel not seeing it on NBC's schedule?

Of the pilot, he says "Wonder Woman" was a very well crafted pilot. But after seeing the announcement of the NBC schedule, he now understands and agrees that Wonder Woman doesn't fit with NBC's schedule.

Regarding Kelley's pilot, Roth says "..it was a big and radical shift for viewers to embrace this new idea -- and that may, to some degree, have had to do with why it didn't make it."

Finally, THR asked if there was a chance we might see Wonder Woman on a different network or form and (sorry guys, you're gonna be disappointed at his response) but he's not sure and hasn't given it a lot of thought.

LA Times has the full interview here.