Wonder Woman's Booty Shorts Full Reveal...

Awhile back, Chris Cooley aka WonderBoy on twitter, gave us our first very small sneak peak of Wonder Woman's booty shorts.

Now, after NBC has passed on the pilot, we get our first FULL look at what could have been, again from WonderBoy.

It's not quite the classic costume Lynda Carter wore in the original series.  They are blue with white stars but they're a LOT skimpier (think a thong) than the traditional granny panty Carter wore.  The belt seems more like a 'fanny pack' than an actual belt.

I'm sorry to say also, because the shorts are so skimpy, it doesn't look like Adrianna Palicki properly fills it out.  Wonder wedgie anyone?! I'd feel sorry for this girl if she was forced to run around in that and have to worry about a super wedgie 24/7 while catching bad guys.