Wonder Woman Pilot Opening Clip with Logo!

I was busy writing some fanfiction and re-watching the Smallville finale when I took the time out to check my twitter, and saw a link for leaked footage of the Wonder Woman Pilot opener with the logo!

We first saw the new Wonder Woman logo before filming started. [See:
Wonder Woman Logo Surfaces & Liz Hurley Set Photos

It was a golden eagle crest...which you have to admit, before seeing the spy set photos, this was pretty damn exciting because it meant (at the the time anyway), that seeing a Wonder Woman show on TV was going to become a reality after more than a decade long absence. The last time we saw a Wonder Woman live action TV series, starred Lynda Carter in the 1970s.

I'd also like to point out I haven't had the chance to see the opener yet since my Windows work computer doesn't play quicktime. So, I'll have to wait until I get back home to my Mac computer-- which I hope between the time I leave the office and when I get home, the clip will still be available online. 

You can see the opening clip with the logo on kevinism.com!