Wonder Woman Fan Video Shows More Leaked Clips

There aren't many Wonder Woman 2011 fan videos on Youtube.  I've only come across fan made credits. My favorite so far casts Lynda Carter as Hippolyta. But I thought this newer fan video might be of interest to Wonder Woman fans dying to see more clips from the canceled pilot. The music used is from the Classic Wonder Woman series.

The embedded videos below by feature some clips that have not previously been released. To name a few moments: 

  • Within the first few moments, we see Adrianne Palicki gearing up as Wonder Woman. Not actually her face, just 'suit shots' 
  • Around 0:18, there's a close-up shot of Wonder Woman flying the invisible jet as well as wide shot of its exterior. 
  • Around 0:31, we see Tracie Thoms looking very pensive. 
  • Also, around 0:34, Wonder Woman uses her lasso to catch Elizabeth Hurley's character.
  • 0:54, we see Elizabeth Hurley squaring off against Wonder Woman. We don't see Wonder Woman but since she's wearing the same turquoise dress from behind the scenes pics, this is definitely Veronica Cale. 
  • Finally, around 1:08, we get Justin Bruening as Steve Trevor.


made a similar video below but without the actor's names.