The CW's President Is Interested in SuperHero Genre Series!

[] The CW's new president Mark Pedowitz recently announced at the The Television Critics Association in addition to its current TV line-up, he would be open to doing a 'superhero' themed show in the future.

Pedowitz  said:
"We're looking next year to do a superhero show if the right superhero comes to be,"

But was very vague if the said superhero would be male or female.

However since the ending of Smallville in May, there's been a lack of Superheroes on TV and looking back at TV's recent history into the Superhero genre, it's almost as if there's a Superhero curse.

NBC tried with The Cape which quickly became canceled back in late April, with the remaining episodes streamed online. Prior to The Cape on NBC, there was 'Heroes' a more modern take about ordinary people waking up one day and discovering that they had these extraordinary powers.

'No Ordinary Family' on ABC tried something similar but the show was ultimately canceled before it reached its 3rd season.

If Wonder Woman were picked up by The CW (which is probably the best place for it), would it be the same pilot, or would The CW tap a different writer to sketch out a whole new script and we get a whole new cast? One would hope that The CW would be smart to keep some of the actors that received positive reviews from Kelley's pilots (like Tracie Thomas and Adrianne Palicki) but get rid of the actors that were horrible in their respective roles and replace them with better actors, or even rewrite those parts.