Wonder Woman Rewrite to Include More Action

[Screenrant.com] is reporting that David E. Kelley is rewriting parts of the script to include more action sequences. Though only a rumor at this point (but if it's true, a rewrite is probably due to the negative fan's reaction of the leaked script).

Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman
The script was only a first draft but fans were quick to criticize (I won't lie either, I had some reservations about it too). Currently based in Los Angeles, Wonder Woman has 3 identities. The new identity, Diana Themyscira, is an executive of a cosmetics company competing with rival Veronica Cale.

According to screenrant:

The latest rumor out of NBC is that revisions to the script call for more violence and less contemplation; kicking more butt, taking less names. A few points of the script are highlighted as Wonder Woman shows off her strength and attitude: henchman up by their throats, crushing rude motorists’ wrists and the like. You know, things a superhero would do.
But the biggest shocker in the article is that the pilot maybe a 2-hour premier episode!! 

As previously posted, Lynda Carter may have a role on the pilot but she's still mum about whether or not that will actually happen but she's still talking to David E. Kelley, whom she has nothing but high praises for. Anything is possible at this point.