Possible Lynda Carter Cameo Role & WW Costume Preference

Every time Lynda Carter gives an interview nowadays, the subject of her possibly appearing in the reboot always comes up.

On her recent appearance on CBS's talk show, The Talk, she talked about a possible appearance again. She still says her and David E. Kelley are trying to plan something -- admittedly, a cameo by the original Wonder Woman in the reboot (hopefully as Hippolyta, Wonder Woman's mother) would be awesome and very fitting.

Lynda Carter

"I've talked to David E. Kelley, who's a brilliant writer, a number of times and we're hoping to plan something," revealed the 59-year-old actress on the US chat show The Talk. "But I cannot reveal."

Here's a portion of that video interview:

But you can see the full show still on the CBS.com website, here.

And regarding the costume, Carter says that she still likes hers the best (which, by the way) if you didn't know, will make an appearance in the reboot as Wonder Woman's 3rd outfit. How and when she will wear it in the reboot is another story.