Wonder Woman Costume Tid Bits From Emerald City Comic Con

[ComicBookMovie.com] Seattle's Emerald City Comic Con kicked off yesterday and fans were able to ask DC panelists about what they could expect Wonder Woman costume from television series to look like.

DC's Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras said:

“I’ve seen some sketches for the Wonder Woman costume and I will say this today – there is every intent to make them similar. People do these TV shows and these movies because they love the characters. And with DC being able to work much more closely with Warner Bros, I think you’ll be happy with what comes across.” 

It sounds like a promising answer.   Aside from casting, what Wonder Woman's costume will look like is a hot topic.  Will it resemble her updated stripper/tattoo artist look or the classic Wonder Woman outfit Lynda Carter wore in the original series?

Personally, I am hoping it resembles the original Wonder Woman and not the updated whorish look.  But it sounds like whoever is in charge of costuming knows to stay away from that look because it's been so poorly received by the fans.

Hope fans can rest easy tonight after reading this blog post ;)