Lynda Carter as Hippolyta Twitter Campaign

From Wonder Woman (2009)
This really didn't surprise me when it started late Sunday on twitter, but there's a campaign to get Lynda Carter or (@RealLyndaCarter) her twitter alias cast as Hippolyta, Wonder Woman's mother. Search hash tag #LyndaCarterisHippolyta on twitter or #WonderWoman

I think Lynda Carter would be perfect for the role because not only would be a nice homage to classic Wonder Woman she played in the 70s, it would bring the reboot full circle.  Smallville did something similiar with Lois Lane's character, casting  Teri Hatcher (who played Lois Lane in the 90's Adventures with Superman with Dean Cane) as Smallville's Lois Lane's (Erica Durance) mom in a brief video appearance. 

So, if you're on twitter and would like to see Lynda Carter as Hippolyta, retweet!!