Spider-Man? Wonder Woman? Superman? What is YOUR most anticipated superhero reboot?

From Left to Right: Andrew Garfield, Adrianne Palicki, Henry Cavill
It's been an exciting week for comic book fans! Just to recap,  Monday, the full teaser poster for the Spider-Man reboot was released, Adrianne Palicki was cast as Wonder Woman, and the next actor to don Superman's red and blue suit, British actor, Henry Cavill, gave his first interview. Three superheroes. Three new actors. Three high profile reboots. But which one are you most excited to see?

So, Entertainment Weekly has put out there another poll, asking fans which reboot they are most excited about, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman or Superman?

As much as I am excited for Spider-Men (because Andrew looks hot in a suit), I voted for Wonder Woman.

So, go vote if you haven't!