More spoilers

TVSquad writer, Maureen Ryan takes a realistic look at Wonder Woman's reboot.  News broke earlier today that Adrianne Palicki will be the next Wonder Woman, but Ryan questions whether this reboot will actually fly.   There's several minuses against this reboot.

Then, there's the three personas/alias Palicki will have to tackle.

She'll be the crime-fighting Wonder Woman, of course, but she'll also play W.W.'s alter ego, corporate executive Diana Themyscira, and Diana's assistant, Diana Prince.

Yup, Diana Prince is Diana Themyscira's assistant.

How this will be pulled off on-screen is another story. Will we actually see Diana T. and Diana P. in the same scenes together, or will Miss. Themyscira simply refer to assistant Diana Prince? I had to read twice to make sure my eyes weren't fooling me on that one.