Is Adrianne Palicki The Right Choice For Wonder Woman? [MTV POLL]

Because reactions to Palicki's casting as Wonder Woman, is mixed, MTV offered a poll.

The "Friday Night Lights" actress was cast as the lead in NBC's upcoming "Wonder Woman" television series this week, making her one of the very short list of actresses to play DC's famous Amazon on the small screen.
But is she right for the role?

I'm not making any judgments (yet) about whether she's right for the role or not. Of course, I would have preferred it if whoever was in charge of casting, audition other actresses for the role. Because that would have been the smartest thing to do. Wonder Woman is a huge female icon.

Doesn't seem fair that Palicki got the role because she has ties to Reiner.  But Palicki's fan base seem to think she's a good fit. Maybe she is.  But it's more than Wonder Woman, Palicki's going to have two separate secret identities: Diana Prince and Diana Themyscira.  That's a tough job to handle.

Not only that, there's still the other three male leads (and likely love interests).  I have my fave for Steve Trevor (Adrian Pasdar!!!), but don't have a clue about the other two. An ideal (future) casting would be Lynda Carter doing a cameo as Wonder Woman's mom, or even bringing over some directors from Smallville for future episodes.  (Palicki guest starred in a earlier season of Smallville, as Clarke's cousin 'Supergirl.')

Filming isn't due to begin until next month. From here on out, casting, other directors and writers are anyone's guess.