Triple Trouble?

This is a very spoilerish article when you consider the time stamp is for Monday, February 14th (Valentine's Day) but it breaks down what we can expect of her character.

First of all, she doesn't have a multiple personality disorder (although from the description of the article, it certainly sounds that way).

According to TV Guide, the series will give Wonder Woman three separate identities. The first will be that of Wonder Woman herself, while the second will be Diana Prince, Wonder Woman's civilian alter ego from the comic books. Meanwhile, the third identity will be that of Diana Themyscira, the CEO of Themyscira Industries.

In addition, Wonder Woman will have a separate love interest for each identity: Henry Demeter, Diana Themyscira's confidante, Ed Indelicato, a man with ties to the police and Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman's boyfriend in the comics.

Digital Spy