Why Failed Pilots Should be Available on iTunes

I have access to the Wonder Woman pilot but I have not watched it yet. David E. Kelley's failed Wonder Woman pilot was the biggest, most-amped up, pilot to debut fall last year.

Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman (2011)

Unfortunately, after our first sneak peak of Wonder Woman's new costume and script leaks that didn't paint Wonder Woman, the way hard-core Wonder Woman lovers imagined her, the pilot wasn't picked up by NBC.

A year later, you can watch Wonder Woman pilot if you torrent it but that's not how I want to watch it. The Bitter Script Reader, in a recent blog post, talked about how networks should consider putting up failed pilots on iTunes for fans to download.

Just imagine if they'd put it up on iTunes for $1.99.  They could have recouped some of the costs, and the fans would have a legitimate copy rather than resorting to piracy.  It's not as if they can do anything else with the pilot, so why not try to build some kind of revenue stream?

Why NOT put every unordered pilot online?  People worked hard on those episodes, doesn't their hard work deserve an audience?  I think it would also be fascinating to see what didn't get ordered, sort of like playing "Fantasy Network Executive."

It's actually a really good idea, IMO. What do you all think? Would you download failed pilots from iTunes and watch?