Wonder Woman #7 Revisits an old episode of Hercules, The Legendary Journeys

According to BleedingCool.com, Wonder Woman #7 is very pornographic and Wonder Woman fans, the picture does not lie!

Then again, Wonder Woman's creator, William Moulton Marston would probably smile since the first series of Wonder Woman comics were borderline pornographic in his day.

And it is really no surprise from previous sneak peaks from older issues from DC's new 52 reboot that the new Wonder Woman, is more sexually charged than in previous incarnations. What with Wonder Woman meeting her father Zeus -- as he stands before her -- totally nude.  That's not awkward at all. And then later, a visibly naked Hera, covered up by a gigantic axe confronts Wonder Woman about her paternity.

Now in the 7th issue, we learn how the Amazon women are able to keep their female status quota, so to speak.

Remember people, it takes a male and a female to make a baby and Amazon women are no different.

The premise of #7 actually draws a lot of parallels from an early episode - mini movie "Hercules and the Amazon Women," starring Kevin Sorbo and guest star Lucy Lawless (who later got her own series, "Xena.")

Hercules and Iolous investigate mysterious "beasts" attacking a small village.  Upon arrival at said village, our heroes notice that there are no women. So you can see where this is going. The "beasts" are actually Amazon women in disguise who continually raid the same village for one purpose: to have sex with the males, kick them out, get pregnant and then probably come back in a few generations to 'rape' men for their seed.  See this wiki entry.

Okay, we basically get the same plot with the new Wonder Woman except there is a dark twist.  After having consensual sex with the men (and in a group but not all together, just look at the picture below), the Amazons kill the men they just had sex with.  Yes, they are like pray mantis' who kill their mates after doing the deed with them. 

Note: An interesting tidbit about Hercules and the Amazon Women, Hippolyta makes an appearance and she is portrayed by 'Touched by an Angel' star, Roma Downey.