The New Face of 'Wonder Woman': Lynn Collins

[] It should be a rule: if you are an actress in a new kick-ass blockbuster movie, it automatically puts you in the running for possible casting as Wonder Woman, in a movie that may or may not ever happen.

Lynn Collins as Princess Dejah Thoris in John Carter
Sci-Fi action flick, John Carter, is getting a lot of buzz as of late.  It wasn't too long ago that another blockbuster action flick actress, Gina Carano, was shoved into the limelight as a 'possible' Wonder Woman.  Now, Carano has some serious competition in Lynn Collins.

In Carter, Collin stars as Dejah Throis (see above), princess of the Martian city of Helium, who falls in love with the titular confederate soldier. Aside from sporting costumes that reveal her chiseled physique, Collins (as Dejah) also showcase some serious combat skills in the film – much to the surprise of Mr. Carter and the rest of us drooling boys. Watch what the actress had to say in response to a direct suggestion about her being a good candidate for the Wonder Woman movie.

The question of whether she is up for the part, comes up in the video interview below.