Who's Your Daddy?

[DigitalSpy.com] Wonder Woman will be turning 70 years old this coming December, and already there is a bit of controversy over the third new Wonder Woman DC reboot comic book.  Wonder Woman has a father, but he's not just anyone.

If you're familiar with Greek mythology and all the constant philandering of the King of the Gods -- well guess what? Now, Wonder Woman is one of Zeus' children.

If you're not familiar with Wonder Woman's origin story, hers' is basically a virginal birth. She has a mother -- and that's it. There is no father.

So, giving the Amazon Princess a biological father, after 70 years of being father-less, coming from an island of Amazonian women, raised by the Queen of the Amazon's herself...really makes you wonder...?

What the Hell is DC thinking?! 

There's a reason for all this, apparently.

"In this case, making her a god actually makes her more human, more relatable," DC co-publisher Jim Lee said. "We're approaching all the classic characters in a way that feels true to their origins but thoroughly modern."

I still don't understand how giving Wonder Woman a daddy is supposed to make her more human? Is it supposed to make her relate better to her male counterparts? Not only that, Wonder Woman is the ultimate feminist superhero. Stress, on the word, feminist.

D.C Comics apparently, has a hard time understanding what that means. I understand it's called a reboot for a reason but this one piece of Wonder Woman mythos that should have NEVER been touched.

Azzarello serves as writer on DC's new ongoing Wonder Woman title, alongside artist Cliff Chiang. The second issue of the comic arrives in stores on October 19.

Wonder Woman's origin will be revealed in the following issue, on sale on November 16.