New Oldish Wonder Woman Pilot Review

I got a tumblr a few weeks ago and started peaking around, seeing what it was capable of.  I started searching for stuff and thought I'd look for 'Wonder Woman'. In the process of searching, I came across an oldish review I'd never seen before with newer screencaps I had also never seen before.

A lot of the review includes details I've read before, Steve Trevor is wood,  Cary Elwes is generic and not really 3-dimensional, Elizabeth Hurley is lackluster as Veronica Cale but Tracie Thoms is awesome as Etta Candy.

Onto the screencaps, but they reveal a lot (and may cause some fans a sigh of relief). Why? Remember the first costume we ever saw from Wonder Woman? She wore that plastic, very shiny pants suit? Adrianne Palicki does wear that outfit but in a different sense in the pilot.

If you look behind Tracie Thoms, you can see the plastic costume in all of its cardboard glory. Yup, it was a selling promo -- which makes a lot of sense considering Diana runs a company that creates Wonder Woman dolls and other memorabilia. It was a selling point.

Secondly, further down the review, we finally get a glimpse of the real Diana Prince.  Diana Themyscira is always so graceful, pretty and nicely groomed - Diana Prince unfortunately - is not.

Those were some of the highlights from the pilot review, which you can read in its entirety here.