io9 Interviews Wonder Woman #1 Creative Team: Illustrator Cliff Chiang and Writer Brian Azzarello

The first issue of Wonder Woman debuted yesterday in comic stores around the country and online.

In a recent io9 interview with the creative team, illustrator Cliff Chiang and writer Brian Azzarello, behind the first issue Wonder Woman relaunch.  They talk briefly about Wonder Woman, the Republican debates and other projects.

Here are some snippets from the interview.

What sort of aesthetic are you bringing to Wonder Woman?

Brian Azzarello: Wonder Woman is set in the present. She's been established for a while. My aesthetic is to put her in a dangerous world where stakes are real and people can get hurt. I've described it as a horror book, and I'm going to stick with it. I'm playing up the horror elements that exist in mythology.

Again, with the horror.

Later in the interview, io9 asked Cliff Chiang: What sort of supernatural touches can readers anticipate?

CC: For us, what we wanted to do was build a mythological world around her. People recognize Wonder Woman. You don't want to mess with that. 
 Ok, okay, that was an reasonable answer. But the rest spirals downwards from there.

CC: Everyone knows her costume, so the way it is now hearkens back to the classics. People have seen enough superhero movies that you don't need that origin story. Let's start there. A lot of times the origin isn't the best story.
Um, I think one of the biggest points about David E. Kelley's pilot was the possibly of exploring Wonder Woman's origin story. The fact that wasn't included AT ALL in the final pilot shocked fans.  Next to the costume, the origin story is most important.  But that's not important in the relaunch, even though it would have made sense.  In the relaunch, Wonder Woman is already an established character with more exploration into mythology and the Gods.

Just not her origin story. 

And yes, she wears the bikini bottom and not the hated pants.

I considered getting the first issue again but now that I know the origin story isn't there, I think I'll pass. The graphics are nice though.