3 Leaked Wonder Woman Clips Available on Youtube!

[CinemaBlend.com] Apparently, 3 Wonder Woman video clips were leaked yesterday on cinemablend.

They showed the Amazon princess in 2 separate action sequences: a chase scene, and a fight scene. The third clip includes a brief look into the Wonder Woman character.

The chase scene is of course of Wonder Woman from those spy pictures we saw of Adrianne Palicki filming on Hollywood Boulevard. According to cinemablend:

Shortly after apprehending the target of the chase scene, the cops arrive and Wonder Woman is obviously not pleased about giving the man to the cops, saying that he will just "lawyer up." It's pretty normal to have friction between an action hero and the cops, but this is a bit more unique as they clearly don't treat her as an outlaw. Not to mention, lack of faith in the criminal justice system is an especially hot topic these days. 

The third clip actually shows Wonder Woman as her business alter-ego, Diana Themyscira, walking out of that now famous board room meeting with her board of directors, where she talks about Wonder Woman's new outfit. Yes, the famous, "tits" scene. In a separate clip, Wonder Woman visits a kid in a hospital. If you listened to Geek Show's review of the Wonder Woman pilot, this is the kid who got the scholarship in the opening scene of the episode but quickly got sick from over use of illegal steroids Elizabeth Hurley's character was pushing.

Again, unfortunately, all I can offer are descriptions of these clips as they are no longer available on cinema blend. 

Edit: I found all 3 clips on youtube. Embed is disabled by the users unfortunately. But I favorite'd them to wondercast's Wonder Woman 2011 clips youtube playlist.