Wonder Woman Music/Track Mix Completed

[PostMagazine.com] First, the leaked short Wonder Woman promo with Adrianne Palicki looking totally bad-ass as the title character with the new logo and now, the music/audio tracks have been completed for the pilot.
Audio post house RH Factor (www.rhfactorsound.com), based out on Burbank, California completed the mix for the one-hour Wonder Woman TV series pilot. (Hmm, 1-hour? That's different from previous reports that the pilot would be a 2-hour premiere).

The pilot features a dense, effects-heavy mix, with a driving, high-energy music track.  Why RH Factor? They RH handle post production for another David E. Kelley production also on NBC, Harry’s Law. And as a Mac lover myself,  they used a new Apple Mac Pro eight-core/2.4MHz systems.

So why is production continuing on a canceled pilot that might or might not be picked up by another network?  Actress Tracie Thoms says the reason post-production continued was probably because it was paid for -- which makes sense if people involved in the pilot still want it shopped around to other networks. Although, from the teaser, it looks really good (and sounds awesome too).