Maxim Interview with Joss Whedon about Wonder Woman (2005)

[] Joss Whedon (Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Firefly & Dollhouse) creator was recently interviewed by Maxim. He talked briefly about his attempted (but never leaked) 2005 Wonder Woman movie script.

When the news first broke that Warner Brothers had tapped Joss Whedon to write Wonder Woman (back in 2005), it was a godsend. I grew up watching Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and recently got into Firefly through my boyfriend, who is a big fan of the series.  One thing Whedon is really good at, is writing strong female character personas.  Buffy was a teenage girl when we first met her in the pilot but grew to be a force to be reckoned with in the demon world.

It was the perfect fit, Joss Whedon writing Wonder Woman.

But sometime between writing the famed Wonder Woman script, then rewriting the first draft only to start over again from scratch with a completely new script, Warner Brothers changed their mind. No Wonder Woman movie.

What happened?

I always heard that once Whedon was offered 'The Avengers,' he stopped work on the Wonder Woman script. But according to a new Maxim interview, it looks it was The WB who was responsible for canceling the project.

Maxim: A while back, you were attached to a Wonder Woman movie with Eliza (Dushku) as the rumored star. Is that project dead ? Or is it just dead so far as your involvement ?

Whedon: I have no idea the status of the movie and, honestly, I never did. I was told they were very anxious to make it. I wrote a script. I rewrote the story. And by the time I’d written the second script, they asked me…not to. [Laughs] They didn’t tell me to leave, but they showed me the door and how pretty it was. Would I like to touch the knob and maybe make it swing ? I was dealing with them through [producer] Joel Silver who couldn’t tell me what they wanted or anything else. I was completely in the dark. So I didn’t know what it was that I wasn’t giving them. I’ve moved on.

Whedon also talks about the vast differences between DC and Marval, and perhaps the major reason why it's harder to bring Wonder Woman back to the big and small screen.

Maxim: As a comic book writer and fan, why do you think—with one very big exception—DC Comics is having such a hard time getting its characters on the screen while Marvel is churning them out ?

Whedon: Because, with that one big exception, DC’s heroes are from a different era. They’re from the era when they were creating gods. And the thing that made Marvel extraordinary was that they created people. Their characters didn’t living in mythical cities, they lived in New York. They absolutely were a part of the world. Peter Parker’s character was a tortured adolescent. DC’s characters, like Wonder Woman and Superman and Green Lantern, were all very much removed from humanity. Batman was the only character they had who was so rooted in pain, that had that same gift that the Marvel characters had, which was that gift of humanity that we can relate to.
Whedon's Wonder Woman was dropped in 2007. Whedon's Wonder Woman was more like Tomb Raider's Lara Croft and that the film would explore the romance between Diana and Steve Trevor. also posted Wonder Woman costume concept designs, which are actually very similiar to the character's reboot costume that debuted last year.