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I'm saddened to hear that NBC chose not to pick Wonder Woman for series.   Even though the script had some issues, cheesy writing, not to mention the Wonder Woman costume-gate, the project still has potential to be picked up by another network.
Here's what Wonder Woman needs to do before it can be picked up for series.

A new script could be rewritten or elements that make the current script bad could be rewritten.  (ie. making Wonder Woman less violent. She is a DC character after all, not Marvel. Marvel heroes kill, DC characters don't).
Re-cast and rewrite the character of Steve Trevor.  Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman's main love interest is supposed to be a cocky, suave, manly-man.  From what I have heard about his character, he has none of these characteristics and it also makes you wonder (sorry for the pun), how Wonder Woman could have been so head over heels for this guy if he is the biggest wimp.

My suggestion for the role: Adrian Pasdar

Wonder Woman needs a strong head writer.  David E. Kelley would have worked if Wonder Woman was going to be a drama (which I think would work very well)  versus a campy girled down comic book show.  For Wonder Woman to succeed on TV, David E. Kelley needs to go and be replaced by a stronger male or female writer. My pick would be Joss Whedon (who was originally tapped to write a Wonder Woman script before he was offered The Avengers), or another hot young writer.

Wonder Woman's third identity can go.  From spoilers, Diana Prince doesn't really have a visible role.  The only time you see Wonder Woman as Diana Prince is when she wants to get away and be a normal woman.  What if Diana Prince was the strong CEO and we didn't have Diana Themyiscura? In otherwords, de-Clarke Kent Diana Prince and make her a strong lead, equal to Wonder Woman's presence.

What works on the script. Keep the actors that make Wonder Woman awesome (ie. Tracie Thoms as Etta Candy) and again, get rid of the actors who are not good in their chosen roles.  (i.e Justin Bruening as Steve Trevor). Even if the pilot needs to be re-casted and the script re-written and re-shot, it will be worth it in the end for an awesome final product everyone will enjoy.

Lynda Carter needs to have some kind of role in the new Wonder Woman and it is only fitting that she take on the role of Wonder Woman's mother, Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons.  If not in this role, then as a strong behind the scenes presence on the show. Either way, it would be good if she were truly invested and involved in the project, a passing of the lasso from one Wonder Woman to this generations Wonder Woman. 

Wonder Woman has an incredible origin story. In Kelley's pilot, once Wonder Woman left Paradise Island, she could not find her way back home -- which makes the story more interesting but the origin story cannot be completely ignored. If the script is rewritten, it needs to focus more on her origin story, how she got from Paradise Island, her transition from princess to warrior and ultimately, the heroine we all know and love.
Once the script is fixed, it can be shopped around once again to networks for season pick-up. Here's a look at where it could go.

Warner Brothers

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