Wonder Woman's Booty Shorts Make a Comeback

[TVLine.com] Wonder Woman's booty shorts, or grandma panty or over-sized underwear will make an appearance in the Wonder Woman reboot. NBC's President, Robert Greenbalt confirmed so today. (I think it's also the first time NBC has spoken up regarding the reboot since it was officially greenlighted for a pilot movie).

If you don't know or remember what I'm talking about, here's a reminder:

Yes, those blue booty shorts with white stars Lynda Carter on the original series. That's what I'm talking about. According to Greenblatt, the booty shorts were always going to be in the reboot. In fact, if you read tidbits from the leaked script, Wonder Woman has her original costume hidden away in her closet. As to whether, we'd actually see her wearing them in the series was another story.

And we know when the famous booty shorts will make an appearance too: in her final confrontation with Veronica Cale.

Greenblatt is also very optimistic about the Kelley's script and in regard to fan's criticism, he says critiques are important but if they listened to all the negative criticism, nothing would get done. (I couldn't agree more that statement!) He also says Kelley will bring an intelligence to the show other writers might not have (which further solidifies in my mind that Wonder Woman 2.0 will be a character drama).

I can't end this blog post without my last thoughts on the booty shorts/grandma wondrous undies...

I realize the booty shorts are a part of the classic costume but honestly, I always thought they were silly. It's colorful starry underwear to me.  Unless the costume department makes them look appropriate for Wonder Woman today, it could still look silly and not to mention unflattering (stars, blue, highlighting your butt -- no female wants that, at least not me anyway).

But maybe the costuming department won't make it look silly.

A new poll will be coming up soon about the booty shorts!