Wonder Woman Will Actually Have 3 Different Superhero Outfits

[MovieLine.com] Three must be a lucky number for Wonder Woman.

She has three identities, possibly three love interests in the new series and now, three costumes. Third time's a charm, right? Okay.

To recap, yesterday NBC President Robert Greenbalt confirmed that we would get to see Wonder Woman wearing the booty shorts in her final confrontation with Veronica Cale. Fans also thought when the film photos came out of Wonder Woman sporting a different outfit, the costuming and production department took fans' criticisms to heart and did away with the Halloween costume-promo.

That's not the case. The plastic look will stay (must to fans chagrin), the better version of that costume will also stay, making the booty shorts -- Wonder Woman's third costume.

And of course, other costumes could be hidden away in her closet and if they are, those will probably also make a debut later.

What do you think of this late costuming development? Do you think 3 is Kelley's lucky number and maybe, taking it a bit too far or would you have preferred Wonder Woman wear only the second, non-plastic look?