Lynda Carter Video Interview: Wonder Woman Needs to Be Re-Told

[Radar Online] came out with a new video interview with Lynda Carter.  The funniest part of the interview has to be Carter correcting the interviewer that the boots have in fact changed color after they showed a picture of the original updated costume.

If only they had done their research....

Carter continues to say that Wonder Woman is still a big part of her life because it took her out of obscurity. I know she has had a long singing career (and maybe some before she did Wonder Woman) and some acting in minor roles but Wonder Woman, really propelled her to the front. 

Probably the same thing will happen to Palicki as well, especially if the show is a hit (which I'm hoping it is). 

She has nothing but high praises for Palicki as Wonder Woman and David E. Kelley.  Carter says:  
"I think the story is so great that I really wish her and David E. Kelley all the success in the world. It's a story that needs to be told."

She finished with some interesting insight on the character of Wonder Woman and herself as a role model: 

"Being a role model I think are shoes too big for anyone to fill. I couldn't go about my life thinking of myself as a role model because I'm flawed... I think Wonder Woman herself what she lacks is a family life and friends who she shares her life with and it's all hidden..."

Ah-Ha! She got it!

I'm been saying it all along and I think that's why Kelley was chosen to write Wonder Woman. He's good at writing character dramas.  I doubt we're going to see the same campy 70s Wonder Woman in the reboot most of us remember watching when we were kids. That Wonder Woman would not fly today as a TV show.  

Kelley's job as writer is to figure out how to make Wonder Woman relevant today, how would she fit into today's modern world.  Yes, there will be some action sequences (that's a given) but beyond that, we're going to see as an audience how Wonder Woman deals with juggling being Wonder Woman and a normal person in society.