Plot Hole or Major Mistake?

So I was looking for extra spoilers earlier this evening and ran across an interesting tidbit from airlockalpha.  There's a very small bit in the article (if you scroll through the entire thing you might miss it).
In says:
In the new comics, Paradise Island was destroyed and many Amazons were raised around the world, including Diana Prince. In this series, Wonder Woman was raised in New York City and is only beginning to discover her powers and learn about her Amazon heritage. 

The last bit is especially interesting when you consider all the spoilers and premise of the series is based in Las Angeles, not New York. Even more interesting is that Wonder Woman discovers her powers AFTER (one assumes) she leaves Paradise Island.

It also begs the question if she is raised in New York, how the hell did she get there?

Again, not really sure how accurate this spoiler is but it sounds interesting and now that I think about it, has a lot more in common with another DC character who also wears red, blue and yellow and flies and has a big S on his chest and is super allergic to kryptonite.

But the idea of Wonder Woman discovering her powers later in life as opposed to when she is still living on the island falls in line with the whole 'coming of age' story.