Fan's Response to NEW Wonder Woman Costume

When the original updated Wonder Woman costume debuted earlier this month on Entertainment Weekly, to say it created a major uproar among fans is an understatement. Fans hated it with a passion, from comments "It's too shiny!" 'How can she run in THAT?" to complaints it was too photoshopped or is she getting ready to fight crime or attend a Halloween party.

Yesterday, we got our first glimpse of a tweaked costume that fans, seem to like a lot better than the original design.

Here's a run down of what's different (from head to toe):

  • The headband, from my PoV, has pretty much stayed the same. But Adrianne doesn't wear make-up (if she is, it's a very light, invisible base that easily blends to her skin tone). 
  • No red lipstick, which is good because I don't remember Lynda Carter wearing red lipstick as Wonder Woman.
  • The bust is less -- how to say this without sound obscene? -- in your face versus the original. It's still red, just not shiny red as before.The golden crest is the same.
  • The torso is the same, as are the silver bracelets and golden lasso.
  • The pants are still blue but it's not the shiny, plastic-skin tight blue from the original pants re-design. And the blue is more like a dark-navy. You can also see the golden stars more visibly on the pants.
  • Going down further, fans will love this tweak, the boots are back to their original red as well as flat-heeled. 'Cause really, running in high heels has be a bitch anyway. It also looks like the boots are a bit shorter than the blue boots.
Fans seem to be happy with the costume tweaks. As evidence, EW put out an article about the costume along with a poll.

So far, 57.89% voted that "Yes, the new one is much better. Yay red boots!" 15.06% said "No way, they had it right the first time. So shiny!" and 27.05% saying 1st and 2nd are wrong.

Wonder Cast also has a similar poll on the right panel (which if you haven't voted, vote!) Are you happy with the latest tweaks or do you wish more had been done?