David E. Kelley On Wonder Woman

David E. Kelley recently gave an interview with the Vulture, talking about his hits and misses over his career. If you scroll down to the bottom, he talks about Wonder Woman.

Here's an excerpt:

Then you had to find your Wonder Woman.

It was not an easy search, but it went far quicker than I ever imagined. After writing this script, I remember looking at several people and going, "Yeah, now good luck trying to find her." She’s got to be strong, smart, emotionally accessible — and oh yeah, an Amazon! Good luck. I remember speaking to DC, and saying, "We may have to compromise on the physicality. We need to go with the best actress. And if the best actress is five-foot-five, we have to be open to that, because there’s too many layers for this character to also demand that she be nearly six feet tall." And then lo and behold, in comes this girl named Adrianne Palicki.