New Approach to Wonder Woman, Not the Right One?

Of what we know now so far of the character, and depending on who you talk to, fangirls/fanboys will have a mixed reactions to the latest Wonder Woman character/story developments.

Kofi Outlaw at takes a realistic look at the script and its characters. He particularly takes issue with the direction of the character.

The first thing I have to take issue with here, is how they’re approaching Wonder Woman. In my experience, the character is a strong-willed and fiercely passionate woman – she knows who she is, what she stands for, and isn’t afraid to follow the whims of her heart. Like Superman stands for American ideals, Wonder Woman has always stood for feminine ideals – i.e., strength, intelligence and passion balanced by an almost limitless well of bravery and compassion. Maybe that’s what this TV pilot is going for, but to me that casting description reads like a soapy Smallville-type character, and that is not something I can stand behind.
In fact, the thought of long shots of Diana Prince staring off into space and pouting at the camera while some emo-rock tune sounds out her “complicated feelings” makes me shudder. “A real woman who yearns to live a normal life.” Really? Am I wrong in my thinking that Diana is typically depicted as a proud warrior who wants normal women to stand up and be more like Amazons – and not the other way around?

That's a fair assessment, I think.

I was even saying to my boyfriend the other night how Wonder Woman's multiple characters and love interests, reminded me of Ali Larter's character, Nikki from Heroes.

If you're not familiar with Heroes mythos, in season 1, there was a Las Vegas, single mother character named Nikki. The first time you see her, she's in her garage stripping for money and she has these blackouts where she doesn't remember what happens to her but when she wakes up, she's often surrounded by mangled, beaten up and bloodied dead bodies. Second persona maybe? That second persona turned out to be Jessica, who is Nikki's adopted older sister.  Then we got another persona in season 2 and by the time we got a glimpse of Gina, one persona was enough.

So we got Tracy Strauss for the remainder of the series with a different power.

Wonder Woman isn't a serial killer like Jessica but the multiple personality/identity thing can get tricky real quick if the writers aren't careful. In addition to three identities, she's going to have three love interests.  I watch soap operas people and it's complicated enough when one character is caught between two lovers but to add, a third guy into a asking for trouble.

I can see the fandom 'shipping war now: Steve Trevor vs. Henry Demeter vs.Ed INDELICATO.

But keep in mind people, this is only the first draft.  (A mantra I have to continually repeat to myself), so certain things can always change.