Erica Durance Will Guest Star as...Wonder Woman on Harry's Law

David E. Kelley is not getting another shot at making Wonder Woman again, but he will revisit Wonder Woman in another of his shows, Harry's Law

Erica Durance (aka Lois Lane from Smallville) will portray a "psychologically infirm woman who retreats into the persona of the DC Comics heroine to help wreak revenge on perpetrators of domestic abuse" in the 11th episode of Harry's Law. 

This will be Kelley's second, although semi-shot at getting Wonder Woman to the small screen.  Never mind the obvious facts: that Wonder Woman will debut on NBC and in a David E. Kelley show --- Harry's Law is not slated to be canceled yet, so at least there's that.

Back to Kelley's failed Wonder Woman, there were actually several problems with the pilot before it aired. The biggest one was the backlash from the fans, who were very critical of the first promotional image of the show, which revealed Adrianne Palicki in a shiny, plastic-like Wonder Woman outfit (which is no where to be seen in the pilot, except in a promotional card board still within the show).

In addition, NBC wasn't happy with the overall concept Kelley had conceived, and decided to pass on the project.

Back to the present and Kelley's Harry's Law.  TV Line, which first reported the story, suggest there's a good chance we could see Erica Durance in the Wonder Woman costume. "Harry's Law" is produced by Warner Bros. Television, who own the rights to DC Comics characters like Wonder Woman. Like with Kelley's production of Wonder Woman, chances are, there won't be any photo previews of that ahead of the episode airing.

And if there is any doubt Durance won't be able to fill out Wonder Woman costume, there is this still from season 9 of Smallville.

According to, the episode title is "Gorilla My Dreams" and Durance's character's name is "Annie."

Her character is "pretty brutal, breaking some legs and that sort of thing, which may get her on trial."

Wonder Woman on trial? Hmm...