Wonder Woman Switches Back to Shorty Shorts?

[Newsarama.com] When it was unveiled earlier this summer that DC Comics was re-setting the entire DC universe, re-starting current issues back to issue 1, a lot of Wonder Woman fans (including myself) wondered if our gal would return to wearing her classic outfit.

Then, the first cover was revealed and it showed her still wearing the much hated pants. Now, it looks like Wonder Woman will wear the booty shorts.
Take a look at these two covers.

Wonder Woman #1 - with Pants

Now, the new cover with the booty shorts.

Wonder Woman #1 - with Booty Shorts
It's obviously the same cover, the only difference is below her waist. DC Comics hasn't come out and said that the booty shorts will be her costume of her choice for the rebooted series, but a representative for DC said this:

“We can confirm that the actual cover to issue 1 has now been revealed.”