Wonder Woman Pilot StoryBoards Show Diana on Themyscira!!

[Film Sketcher: The Concept and Storyboarding Blog] I was checking wondercast's twitter this morning when I had an "OMG!" moment: WonderboyLB posted a link to storyboards for David E. Kelley's 2011 Wonder Woman pilot.

Art Direction was by Christopher Brown. Illustrated by Timothy Burgard.

First off, the guy who illustrated these Timothy Burgard, is very good. Art Direction was by Christopher Brown.

Onto to the spoilerish storyboards!!

The first one shows "Hollywood Blvd Chase" the one where we saw Wonder Woman chasing down a villain through traffic. Then, we get a glimpse of Diana on Themyscira - which I can only assume is the deleted flashback. Seems like she is participating in a contest. If you know Wonder Woman mythos, this is probably the contest to determine which Amazon gets to return with Steve Trevor to man's world. 

Finally, if you've seen the leaked clip of Wonder Woman arriving at the warehouse, ready to kick some butt -- there's a surprise there too.  Because in the storyboards, she's not wearing the bikini bottom. She's wearing the original controversial costume.

Check out the link above for more!