More Wonder Woman Pilot Extras Added

More extras have been added to the Wonder Woman pilot.

Geoff Meed

Actor Geoff Meed (Resident Evil: Extinction) will play Veronica Cale's trainer/security. Meed has a long list of single-time appearances on different shows, various connections to Star Trek, appeared on Buffy: The Vampire Slayer as a vampire and a cowboy on CBS soap, The Young and the Restless. (I even know which episode b/c I watch Y&R off/on, when I'm bored).

As mentioned earlier, William Bell is the fake, cross-dressing Marilyn Monroe. Hey, there's even a Star Wars connection. Chuck Hosack will appear as a Fake Darth Vader.

To see more cast additions, head over the Wonder Woman IMDB page.

Also, Brett Tucker is no longer listed as Steve Trevor and his status had been updated to rumor, so we may not see him in the pilot at all :( Likewise, Justin Bruening has been added officially as Trevor (on the Wonder Woman IMDB page).