Wonder Woman's PR Problem, Where's Myndi Mayer When You Need Her?

[ComicBookResources.com] If only the Wonder Woman reboot had an awesome PR person like Wonder Woman's comic PR superwoman, Myndi Mayer -- then all the bad press from fans and critics the reboot has been receiving since news first broke it was going forward, wouldn't be so bad.

Comicbookresources.com looks at 5 simple things Wonder Woman could do to improve her image.

While still not much is known about the script, fans are still very critical about how bad it might be based on an early release of a FIRST DRAFT, which first started a wave of disappointment. To put fans at ease, CBR recommends maybe releasing parts of the revised script online.  If fans were able to read the awesome parts, maybe they'd think twice about bitching how bad it was going to be.

Try again with the costume. Okay, besides the script, what Wonder Woman's costume was going to look like was a very BIG hot topic with the fans.  I wasn't thrilled about her comic book make-over last year because it didn't feel like Wonder Woman at all, but I'm probably in the minority here when I say I like Wonder Woman's costume for the reboot and it's for two reasons: 1) she doesn't have that choker around her neck and 2) she isn't covered up. Those two elements alone, in my opinion, made her look like a hooker and a tattoo artist.

But I am in the minority here. Fans, generally, do not like the new costume.  If the pilot movie were go to series, they should re-do the costume and make it more based on the original Lynda Carter wore in the 70s. That doesn't mean bringing back the granny panty because Lord knows, that would not work today by any standards but elements of the original costume should be highlighted in another costume re-vamp (if there is one).

One of the other points is that NBC should order a season already instead of waiting to see how a pilot movie does with the fans.  Actually, I want to see Wonder Woman become a series too.  It's been decades since Wonder Woman graced our televisions. There's been direct to DVD movies, like the animated one with Kerri Russel and Nathan Fillion (which if you haven't seen because it's animated, you're missing you because it is AWESOME and Nathan Fillion as Steve Trevor, has all the best lines in the movie and the plot's pretty solid too) but there hasn't been a TV series. 

Those are three of the five main bullets CBR offers.