No More Trashy Wonder Woman Costume

Looks like Wonder Woman comic book fans have something to be happy about. Remember that awful costume revamp last year?

DC Comics wanted to upgrade Wonder Woman's traditional costume to fit a darker storyline or something. A majority of fans didn't really like the new costume because it wasn't Wonder Woman.  I understand that too. Take away the title and I'd think it was a high class hooker or tattoo artist.

Now, it looks like Wonder Woman is changing costumes again.  But not to worry, she's not going to look sluttier.

This pic surfaced on twitter.

Now that is the Wonder Woman costume we are all familiar with.  No recent news about the Wonder Woman re-vamp but as far as the costume is concerned, I hope it is based on the original costume but fit for television.  In other words, not spandex. But a 'Xena-esque' version of Wonder Woman.