Lynda Carter Open to Appearing on Wonder Woman

[The Examiner] Lynda Carter recently gave an interview to promote her new album but also talked a bit about possibly appearing in the Wonder Woman reboot.  (Keep fingers crossed).

Lynda Carter
Here's what Carter had to say:

MP: Have you been ask to be a part of the new Wonder Woman TV Series?
LC: David E. Kelly and I have talked about it. He was so gracious and he asked me what my schedule is. I’m certainly open to anything that David has in mind for me.  I think they are filming it right as I’m in the middle of all this stuff I’m doing. I’m not sure if it would work out.  That being said, I hope it goes really really well.
While an appearance might not work for the pilot movie, if it goes to series, anything is possible. Having Lynda Carter appear as Wonder Woman's mother, Hippolyta, would be awesome.

Carter goes on to say how much she loved playing Wonder Woman because it was a fun experience, especially the action stuff and working with the crew was like a family.