British Actress Elizabeth Hurley to Play Diana's Nemesis

Elizabeth Hurley
(STV Entertainment) British actress Elizabeth Hurley is first big casting announcement since Adrianne Palicki was named Wonder  Woman late last month.  Hurley will be play the role of Veronica Cale, who is Diana's nemesis and rival. Both women are CEO's of the show's rival companies. The main reason Diana isn't a big fan of her is because Cale's company is doing experiments on people (what those experiments are is anyone's guess) but since this is a super-powered reboot, I'm guessing it has something to do with genetics.

On Hurley's Twitter, she wrote: “Thrilled to be doing the NBC pilot Wonder Woman. I'll be playing the evil villain. Can't wait.”

Update: Remember my earlier post open casting for body building types to play soldiers?  I had a sneaking feeling that maybe Veronica's character as tied to soldiers (this was a major plot line of the finale of first half of season 3 of Heroes)...I was right!

A trusted spoiler fansite I've visited for a long time TV Fanatic confirmed it. Cale's company will be creating a drug that makes people stronger.

Right now, Hurley is only a guest star in the pilot but since her story and role probably requires more than an appearance in the pilot, you'll probably see more of her in the future.

It's also important to mention, her role isn't a done deal (yet). It’s pending until she gets her visa.  She is British after all ;)