Jeffrey Reiner close to replacing McG on up/down David E. Kelley project says Jeffrey Reiner is "close" in replacing McG as the pilot's director.  But also says the reason why Wonder Woman almost didn't get picked up was because Warner Brother's expensive licensing fee.  Yet the article is quick to point out NBC's horrible track record when it comes to heroic genres.

NBC also has tried its hand in other shows -- mainly remakes -- like "Bionic Woman" (with its own "Battlestar Galactica" connections) and "Knight Rider," both of which lasted just single seasons. Long before a series pick-up actually, I dreaded Wonder Woman possibly going to NBC specifically for this reason.

The article concludes that:

Last week, an NBC source told Airlock Alpha that even if there is no series pickup, the network expects to air the pilot one way or another, possibly as a telemovie, and maybe even a backdoor pilot.

So, we could end up seeing the pilot picked as a telemovie which could lead to an actual series. Either way, NBC looks determined to bring Wonder Woman to the small screen.